Tokiness posted Dec 5, 13

Currently transitioning for 25man Siege of Orgrimmar, tanks are full, still would give a shot for Hpalas and some ranged DPS such as Ele shammys. Definitely no more hunters.

Feel free to leave an apply! Can also contact officers ingame: Xephaníte, Gnomestompr, Dyingtouch, Usui, Warprincess

About To Whatever End

Tokiness posted Sep 5, 13
To Whatever End founded on 10-4-2005 on Laughing Skull EU realm under the name Nordic Reign and moved on Zenedar EU in December 2011. T.W.E is a semi-hardcore 25 man Horde raiding guild, of which the founders all have roots in 25 man progress raiding. We share a vision about what raiding should be and therefore, we decided to take the plunge and start this new adventure, on our own terms.

Vision and Goals:
Our aims are to be the best at what we do, give some fair competition to the established guilds on this server, but most importantly, we want to have fun during and outside of raids! How are we going to accomplish that? By building the right team. We expect every one of us to give their A Game and stay motivated so we can minimise frustration and go through content with as little unnecessary wipes as possible.

Our goal for now, is to get established as a 25 man guild with a good reputation first, while keeping in mind that we look for great additions to our team, not just people to fill the numbers to get there fast
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